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Alemdaroğlu Rulman



Alemdaroglu Bearing has been established to provide practical and quick solutions to its customers by integrating the technological innovations experienced in the machinery sector with 36 years of knowledge acquired by Alemdaroglu Machine.


Parallel to the development of our country, the rapidly growing machinery and construction sectors in the region have brought some needs together. Our company; infrastructure, transport and hydropower sectors, all of the auxiliary equipment, business security and automotive spare parts required by these companies are aimed at shortly.


Alemdaroğlu Bearing holds customer satisfaction with its quality products, reasonable price policy and fast delivery.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with quality and reliable brands in order to be a leader and pioneer in our sector with our products and services, our customers are proud to be proud of our company without giving up the trust of our company and the principle of honesty.

Our Vision

It is to be a clear dynamic company to innovate in the awareness of our education and social responsibilities by continuous improvement by keeping the customer satisfaction evaluating the legal human resources appropriately.


Alemdaroğlu Bearing has always pursued a policy that is constructive and welcoming to its customers in the best way since its foundation. The feedback we received from our customers up to now, in the sense of pre-sales and after-sales support, has always made us happy and always motivated us to grow and develop.


We have tried to fulfill the questions and requests of our customers as much as possible during working hours or outside. If Alemdaroglu Bearing is a rapidly growing company that continuously increases its capacity, we owe it for the reasons we consider it.


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