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Sosyal Medya Hesaplarımız


Distinguished Customers, Our Stakeholders, Our Employees,

Since its foundation, TİSAŞ Trabzon Silah San. Continues to leave permanent marks in its sector.

Our company, which has a strong, competitive and dynamic structure with a history of close to a quarter of a century, has become a company constantly pursued in the sector with its “customer focused” activities realized in the defense industry. The customer satisfaction made without sacrificing quality with the investments, technological infrastructure and experienced employees made TİSSAŞ the indispensable sector today.

The honor of meeting the need of our guns at home in the country has directed us to bigger targets and has exported 80% of the production today as a result of the exporting studies initiated. With this route we are aiming to reach more users in the world and especially in the defense industry sector, “TURKISH GOODS”.

The unique products designed and produced by TİSAS are one of the most important elements of our competitive power today. With the resources we have reserved for R & D and these products we have developed, ZIGANA brand has an important place in the sector. Our Ankara and Istanbul Regional Offices and our distributors abroad are the most important building blocks for carrying this target higher.

Zigana Infantry Rifle (ZPT) production has been started by opening new horizons in response to the possible needs of our Defense Industry and in order to meet foreign demands as well. Starting from the experiences we have gained, it has become very pride for our country to be 7.62 and 5.56 caliber long- is of great importance.

Our company has made a difference in the sector with the social responsibility projects it has realized and displayed a sample picture to many institutions. Through the Environmental Management System that it puts into practice during the production processes, it carries out important work towards reducing and recovering the wastes generated by manufacturing necessities. It is among the essentials for our company that our employees can carry out their activities in a healthy environment with prosperity and happiness in the work safety initiatives initiated with the aim of zero work accidents.

Our company is proceeding with confident steps towards reaching the targets determined by investing in R & D, innovation and human beings, focusing on new markets, increasing existing dominance and maintaining its competitive structure.

TİSAŞ Trabzon Silah San. I would like to extend my thanks to my employees, our distributors and solution partners, our shareholders who we feel constantly with our customers and their support for the safety they demonstrate to our products.

Best regards;

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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